My 6502 systems

I have added a page with photos of my 6502 systems. From the KIM-1 to the A-One extended and Micro KIM to the Pocketerm. Includes Junior and Elektuur bus systems like EC65/Octopus.

IMG_9772 IMG_9755 IMG_9787 IMG_9779

6530 6532 TIM 6530-004


The KIM-1 has two 6530 IC’s, the 002 and 003. From some research I have found that this factory mask rommable I/O RRIOT has been produced in more versions.

An interesting one is a relative of the KIM, the Terminal Interface Monitor 6530-004. Meant for a minimal 6502 development system, it contains a teletype oriented monitor program and a serial interface via bit banging.
See the TIM 6530-004 page for more information.

But there were more 6530’s produced (and the list must be incomplete since lots of sequence numbers are missing. like 001.

6530-002 KIM-1 listing in KIM-1 Users manual
6530-003 KIM-1 listing in KIM-1 Users manual
6530-004 TIM Terminal Monitor, see the TIM page
6530-005 According this OSI appnote this is an unprogrammed version of the 6530. I have seen ads for this part without description of what this is.

6530-009 Allied Leisure pinball (IC5)
6530-010 Allied Leisure pinball (IC6)
6530-011 Allied Leisure / Fascination pinball (IC3)
6530-013 ?

6530-024 Commodore CHESSmate (based upon Peter Jennings MicroChess)

Commodore diskdrives

901466-01 6530-??? DOS 1.0 Shugart SA390 2040, 3040 and 4040
901466-02 6530-028 DOS 1.2 Shugart SA390 2040, 3040 and 4040
901466-04 6530-034 DOS 2.0 DOS 2.1 Shugart SA390
901483-02 6530-036 DOS 2.5
901483-03 6530-038 DOS 2.5 Micropolis 1006-II (8050)
901483-04 6530-039 DOS 2.5 Tandon TM100-3M (8050)
901884-01 6530-040 DOS 2.7 Tandon TM100-3M (8050) Tandon TM100-4M (8250)
901885-01 6530-044 DOS 2.7 Micropolis ???
901885-04 6530-047 DOS 2.7 Micropolis 1006-II (8050) Micropolis 1006-IV (8250) Micropolis 1106-II (Safari, mit Garagentor, 8050) Micropolis 1106-IV (Safari, mit Garagentor, 8250)
901869-01 6530-048 DOS 2.7 M.P.I. 101SM (8050)M.P.I. 102?? (8250)
251256-02 6530-050 DOS 2.7 Matsushita JU-570-2 (8250LP)
251257-02A 2716 DOS 2.7 Matsushita JU-570 (SFD-1001) Matsushita JU-570-2 (SFD-1001)
251474-01B 2716 DOS 2.7 Matsushita JU-570-2 (8250LP)


The DOS65 system, designed by the KIM Gebruikers Club, based upon an Elektuur Octopus design, augmented with a better floppy controller is now documented on the DOS65 page.



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And the DOS65 systems just beg to be documented ..

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