6530 TIM IC

New in my collection: a TIM IC! 6530-004 2577


New commands for TIM

An article from Micro February 1979 shows how to enhance the TIM monitor.

Tangerine Microtan 65

Have a look here for full information, including new PCB’s and software on the famous Tangerine Microtan 65 system.




Two IC’s 65C102 added to the IC collection.

Rockwell, 8639 and 9009 date codes.


6504 6507 65c802 IC photos added

I got hold of a rare 65c802 and some NOS 6504 and 6507’s.

In the 65XX IC gallery now photos!

Old micros: SYM-1 6502 mini SBC and more

The website is to look at designs of older microcomputers and provide information to people to be able to build some of these for their own use. It is aimed at micro enthusiast with reasonable knowledge of electronics and digital/microprocessor theory.

There are still many older “original”microcomputer boards for sale  (on Ebay etc) .. but tend to be rather expensive and in most cases those boards are either not functioning (due to age) ..or rather limited in their operation or not being able actually connect them to anything useful  (like current PC’s or terminals).

So in my quest to play around with some of different varieties of microcomputers (like SC/MP, 6800’s, 6502’s,TMS9900’s, 68000 etc) I am sharing some of the design (like pcb’s).. so people can build their own. I do provide some components .. but this is not a commercial venture, so you might have to source other bits from different sources to complete any of the designs. Some are prototype and some are fully built sbc (single board computers).


SYM-1 6502 mini sbc



I started adding datasheets to a new page called Datasheets!

Now with 6530 and 6500/1.


More IC photos added

I discovered more unique 65xx IC’s in my stash of boards.

So more 6502, 6521, 6545,6522 and 6522 shown here!


LJ EMMA, John Bell Engineering SBC’s

I have added two pages with photos and manuals of two 6502 SBC manufacturers:

EMMA and EMMA II by LJ Technical Systems. Educational SBC’s KIM-1 like, part of a whole eco system

John Bell Engineering, 82-300  SBC 6502, 6532 2716, 80-153 SBC 6522, 6502

KIM Clone Corsham Technologies

A new KIM CLone kit is coming!

Bob Applegate is filling in the gap left by Vince Briel, with his own design.

  • 6502 for now, but will probably ship with a 65C02 (extra instructions).
  • Fully KIM-1 software compatible.
  • 5K memory from 0000 to 13FF, then another 56K from 2000 to FFF7.
  • The top 8K of RAM can be turned off and 8K of EEPROM can be enabled (socket on board for the EEPROM).
  • Has an 8V power plug and on/off switch.
  • No cassette interface.
  • USB serial board.  Ie, plug a USB cable between your computer and the KIM clone to use the TTY port.
  • Has connector to plug in our SD System.  Store/retrieve programs from a micro SD card.