Atari 850 interface: 6507 + 2 6532

Though this site is not about home computer systems, but about small SBC’s, it is nevertheless interesting to look at the Atari 850 system.
Atari produced the 850 Interface Module to provide access to devices complying with two important interface standards of the time, RS-232-C serial and Centronics parallel.
Four serial interfaces, one parallel interface in self contained case, with its own power supply. Connected to the Atari via the standard SIO cable.

When you look into the system you discover it is actually a simple microprocessor system. The heart is a 6507 CPU, the serial and parallel lines are built with two 6532 IC’s, a ROM with the software.Serial interfaces and the 6532? This means bit banging.So this fits well in the theme of small SBCs!