Forum is no more

For many years this site had a forum. It was PHPBB based, an older version.

Not much traffic, mostly news from me (which is now also here) and some posts already added to the pages of the site.

Thank you for the contributions and the Contact page is always available for your questions and contributions!

Why I left, the disappointing OberonStation

I left, the site devoted to the 6502, because  the owners/moderators (Mike Naberezny and Garth Wilson) allowed a commercial advertisement, completely 6502 off-topic, for the OberonStation. I regret that I bought the Oberonstation following this advert.
The questionable product, OberonStation is advertised, but is not to be critically discussed on their forum. After finding out about my experiences as documented in this blog, which I did not publish on though, Mike asked me to ‘Please take your discussion off the forum’ instead of removing the advertisement.  So I did leave and took most of my recent topics off and I left!
See here the email discussion that led me to try to delete my account, and why I started removing my topics as I thought was ordered to do…

Here the OberonStation story, an ugly tale.

Victor Yurkovsky a.k.a. Enso, developed an FPGA based board, called OberonStation, in cooperation with Paul Reed, which is supposed to run Project Oberon.
It does work, but in a very mediocre and unreliable way. And Victor gives no warranty or  aftersales service nor  a real refund for this poorly designed and badly manufactured product.

oberon station damaged

This is the product I received: see the damaged connector in the left top.

My advice: do not buy it and work with the excellent and free emulators!  Read More


Conversion finished, now ready for more updates

The conversion of the old website is now finished and its mobile friendly! And at least on a modern and easy to maintain WordPress base.

Now ready to add more info and play with my KIM-1 and Apple 1’s!

And the DOS65 systems just beg to be documented ..

New website


Welcome to the Retro website!

This website is now being transformed into a WordPress site. Responsive, modern, safe, easy to maintain, but with the same contents. It is also a good opportunity to weed out errors and enhance the site even more.

Also the site changed from pure SBC to more general microprocessor and related electronics with the addition of magazine articles from Radio Bulletin and Elektuur.