PC utilities updated

The PC utilities page has seen an update of th4 Conversion hex formats utility.

Programs to manipulate the binary and hex formatted files of interest for SBC owners. Intel hex, MOS papertape, Motorola S-record, binary, hex conversion fort eh 8 bit world.
Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac due to Lazarus and Freepascal. Source included.


Elektor Computing 5 German

Thanks to Martin Seine I have added the German evrsion of Elektor COmputing 5, dedicated to the EC65 systen, Z80 card, 65818 etc.

And have a look at the EC65 Z80 card page also



Z80 Elektor articles

A new Elektor page in the Z80 department: Z80 CP/M with ROM (thanks Martin Seine!)cards for the Elektor EC65 bus, mini card, universal card.


Multi-purpose Z80 card

Universal Multipurpose Z80 card. Elektor 1992.

Universele Z80 kaart deel 1 en 2 Dutch
Multi-purpose Z80 card part 1 (English)
Multi-purpose Z80 card part 2 (English)

Mini Z80 System

A very small but versatile Z80 system. Elektor 1992.

Mini Z80 System
RAM extension for Mini Z80 System

EPROM Programmer for Z80

Simple EPROM  programmer for the Z80 for 2716EPROMs. Published in January/February 1984.

Scan in Dutch, German and English.






EC65(K) Z80-card: CP/M on Octopus

Z80 CPU card for the EC65(K) Octopus system, to run CP/M

CP/M Z80 card articles in Dutch from EC 5

The German text is in Elektor Computing 5.

Z80_EPROM.bin EC65 Z80 card ROM
The original EPROM was 2732, the image is for 2764.
But it is just twice the code, so that upper address line does not matter.

Z80-A CPU Card 1982

Z80-A CPU card articles in Dutch, German and English May 1982

Big Board II

Build your Own Z80 Computer , by Steve Ciarca, full scanned book

Big Board II

A Z80 computer, able to run CP/M.


In this archive the scans of articles in Elektuur Computing 2.

Elektor and the Z80

The original Dutch and later international electronics magazine in thee arly microprocessor years did not only pay attention to the 6502, also SC/MP and Z80 were used in designs.

On this pages some of their Z80 articles.