KIM Gebruikersclub foundation, from start to finish

KIM gebruikersclub vereniging oprichting pag 1The KGN (KIM Gebruikers CLub Nederland) was founded in 1977 and published and organized meetings until 1995.

On this page you can read the first publication, the legal Foundation creation and the last ‘bye bye’ in the magazine.


KIM-1 rev B ceramic CPU, ASCII display, ASCII keyboard, Brutech 4K RAM

20160317_143332_HDRA recent acquisition delivered me a system, in excellent visual condition with

  • KIM-1 rev B ceramic white CPU and 6530, grey 6530
  • ASCII display
  • ASCII keyboard
  • Brutech 4K RAM

Now the KIM-1 has no secrets for me, this is a beautiful example with these withe IC’s
The Brutech 4K RAM card just fits on the expansion connector, I have seen these cards  before in the 70ties!

The ASCII display card, about the same size as the KIM-1 is unknown to me, the only information is ASCII Display TTY compatible v.s. 13 .
No documentation  but some properties can be deducted from the IC’s on the board. It is without doubt a  simple TYTY replacement serial ASCII display terminal.
There is a video output on the bottom right,  serial input/output on the left connector and on the left connector one can attach a ASCII parallel keyboard (see below, it is in the package). Read More

Fixed the Beta download links

Fixed the Beta download links!