KIM-1 rev B ceramic CPU, ASCII display, ASCII keyboard, Brutech 4K RAM

20160317_143332_HDRA recent acquisition delivered me a system, in excellent visual condition with

  • KIM-1 rev B ceramic white CPU and 6530, grey 6530
  • ASCII display
  • ASCII keyboard
  • Brutech 4K RAM

Now the KIM-1 has no secrets for me, this is a beautiful example with these withe IC’s
The Brutech 4K RAM card just fits on the expansion connector, I have seen these cards  before in the 70ties!

The ASCII display card, about the same size as the KIM-1 is unknown to me, the only information is ASCII Display TTY compatible v.s. 13 .
No documentation  but some properties can be deducted from the IC’s on the board. It is without doubt a  simple TYTY replacement serial ASCII display terminal.
There is a video output on the bottom right,  serial input/output on the left connector and on the left connector one can attach a ASCII parallel keyboard (see below, it is in the package).

The AY-3-1015 is the serial interface IC. Incoming serial characters are decoded with a lot of TLL to a video signal, with the famous (Apple 1 fame!) ASCII character ROM R03-2513. 6 2101 RAM IC’s are the RAM sto store the video. I deduct therefore the display is 40×25 maximum, uppercase only.

The keyboard is a Scientific Devices KBMO two , with again a beautiful white ceramic keyboard encoder KR2376. Looks like a standard KR2376 application, with some stickers added to get to KIM-1 specific keys.

The system was in an unfinished case, it looks like the previous owner just tested the components and then never started using it.

I plan to sell the system, as a whole or in parts. Contact me for offers (and I know what these KIM-1’s in prefect condition and with white IC’s sell for on ebay, so please, serious offers!).