PRDIS, Printing Disassembler

In 1982 I wrote/composed a program to have disassembled code on paper, with page numbers. Read more about it here.

The core routine of the disassembler is the well-known Steve Wozniak/Allen Baum 1976 article A 6502 Disassembler from Apple
The program is a TTY program. I build it with the then current hardware and software of my KIM-1:

  • 32K RAM from $2000
  • Video terminal uppercase 24×32 on the KIM TTY serial in/output
  • A parallel ASCII keyboard connected to the second 6532 RIOT port
  • A serial connected, at 9600 baud, Heathkit H14 matrix printer
  • Dual audio cassette records under motor control
  • MICRO ADE assembler/Editor, extended and with video TTY as output, parallel keyboard as input and could print at the H14 printer