Elektor Junior pages updated

After several years so much new and correct information has been coming in!

While I was studying the Comal interpreter, I want to port it to the KIM-1, I realised the Elektor pages required some updating and reorganising.
I could not find easy what I needed: circuits and source listings. So I extracted the circuits from the articles and checked the various listings with the ROMs I had in my archive.
Also the sources that appeared the last years were checked, adapted and the binaries compared with the hex dumps. Some surprises, many faults and not with the correct names.
The ESS numbers are now attached to the ROMs.

Now you can have all the essential Elektor Junior information from base to full system with checked ROMs, with sources, step by step.

The complete archive of articles and books is also updated, especially the English articles are as complete as possible.

Have a look at the Elektor Junior pages!

With thanks to the many persons and fora that helped me to collect the information.