Testing the 6530-002 RRIOT with a KIM-1

This article is written by Jeff M. Nay, about his experiments to restore a KIM-1 to working order. The challenge was to address the second 6530-002 in this setup at another address then the onboard 6530-002 RRIOT.The experiment was a success, the 6530-002 is indeed in a bad state, the ROM is corrupt and it had to be replaced.The KIM-1, from a friend, was in a bad state. The repair was a success also. He was able to get this old KIM-1 working again, after only having to replace, the 6502 CPU, the 6530-002 RRIOT Chip with a Corsham 6530 Replacement board, all 8 Memory Chips and the U17 7406 inverter. Read the article here