MIOT Gottlieb Sound systems 6530 replacement

I found a complete description of the replacement board for the 6530 in the Gottlieb Pinball systems multisoundsystem.

Now added to the 6530 page.


R6530 005 013 014

r6530 005p small
Until now I only saw an advertisement for a 6530-005 in an 70ties magazine. But today I found an ebay advertisement selling these IC’s. A Rockwell variant, date code 8114. Without any description, so the function is still unknown. But a photo is now found!

I also found more 6530 variants used in the pinball industry:

6530-12 or 6530-13 were used in the Gottlieb System 1 sound boards
6530-14 was used in the Gottlieb System 80 series sound boards.

Gallery of 65XX IC photos

My drawer is full with a supply of 65XX IC’s. Some bought, some donated, some salvaged. From old to quite recent.

6520 7715