Who were involved in the development of KIM-1 and TIM?

The 6530-002 (the KIM monitor), 6530-003 (the KIM tape routines) and 6530-004 (TIM, the teletype monitor) are in the ROM of these IC’s. Developed in/for/by MOS Technology.

For TIM the Story of TIM (DEMON as Ray Holt called it) tells about Manny Lomas.

It would be nice to know more who did hardware and software design for the KIM-1 (must have been a small team since they are so intertwined) of these innovative early 6502 development.

The story should start with Chuck Peddle and his team. They developed the 6502 and supporting IC’s like 6530 (RRIOT) and 6532 (RIOT).

The story of KIM talks about Don McLaughlin, MOS Technology founder and engineering manager of the project. Peddle and a programming manager named Bob Winterhalt agreed with the idea and the three men began the design. According to MOS Technology employee Al Charpentier, John May did the actual design.