TIM 6530-004

Terminal Interface Monitor, short TIM, with codename 6530-004, is a 6530 with a monitor program in the mask ROM. No systems were sold by MOS around it as far as known, only a manual and the IC.


Functions of the TIM software in ROM:

• Self adapting to any terminal speed from 10-30 cps,
• Display and Alter CPU registers,
• Display and Alter Memory locations,
• Read and Write/Punch hexadecimal formatted data,
• Write/Punch BNPF format data for PROM programmers,
• Unlimited breakpoint capability,
• Separate non-maskable interrupt entry and identification,
• External device interrupts directable to any user location or defaulted to DEMON recognition,
• Capability to begin or resume execution at any location in memory,
• Completely protected, resident in Read Only Memory,
• Capability to bypass DEMON entirely to permit full user program
control over system,
• High speed 8-bit parallel input option, and
• User callable I/O subroutines.
DEMON’s Command Set Includes:
.R Display registers (PC,F,A,X,Y,SP)
.M ADDR Display memory (8 bytes beginning at ADDR)
: DATA Alters previously displayed item
.LH Load hexadecimal tape (socalled MOS papertape format)
.WB ADDR1 ADDR2 Write BNPF tape (from ADDR1 to ADDR2) (Intel papertape format)
.WH ADDR1 ADDR2 Write hexadecimal tape (from ADDR1 to ADDR2)
.G Go, continue execution from current PC address
.H Toggles high-speed-reader option (if it is on, turns it off; if off, turns on)

I know of two commercial systems using the TIM:
The Jolt and Superjolt, Microcomputer Associates/Synertek (also information on the origin of the TIM-1 program!)
– the first Brutech BEM bus system. A small dutch company, Vinkeveen, that produced professional 6502/6809 and more, industrial systems.

Frank Wolf has decapped a TIM 6530-004 to study it and maybe do a FPGA clone.

Here the photo’s:

Information on this page:
TIM MANUAL JUNE 1976, 1977 Rockwell
TIM bytes the Apple
3 articles from Micro journal on the TIM
Article on how to expand TIM
TIM and OSI 400
Breakpoint routine for 6502s TIM
Lunar Lander for TIM and Jolt
A Christmas story about a Tiny TIM, by Joseph Watson
TIM-2, a recreation of a TIM system with a 6532, Peter Renaud

TIM- 1 Manual

PDF TIM manual
KIM-1 User manual in HTML format

And here the machine readable and ready to assemble source, listing and binary  of TIM (Thanks Martin Hoffmann-Vetter)

Expand your TIM


(Design by Fred Hatfield, scans and transcription by Tom Owad, https://www.applefritter.com/node/2833)

For those of you that would like to have hard copy capability and much better control over program development on the Apple 1, the following hardware addition will accomplish it.
Using a 6530-004 (‘TIM’ chip) costing about $12.00 gives many superb features such as a variable baud rate serial input/output, a high speed parallel input (high speed paper tape reader), an excellent breakpoint processor, paper tape dump and load routines, etc.
The TTY port is located at locations 6202H and 6203H. Date at that port should be 00H and 16H respectively. The baud rate is stored at 00EAH and 00EBH and 110 baud is represented by 10H and 46H at those locations. It’s a fun addition to the Apple 1. Try it!
Fred Hatfield K8VDU

Teletype connection schematic.

Teletype Pinouts (connections 6530-004 and Apple bus):

      TIM                 APPLE 
     6530-004             6502
        33        D0        33
        32        |         32
        31        |         31
        30        |         30
        29        |         29
        28        |         28
        27        \/        27
        26        D7        26
         5        A9        18
         6        |         17
         7        |         16
         8        |         15
        10        |         14
        11        |         13
        12        |         12
        13        |         11
        14        |         10
        15        AO         9
        16        RES       40
        17        IRQ        4
        1       - GND
       20 - +5V              -----------------------
        3 / PIN25           |  FRED HATFIELD K8VDU  |
          \ 6820            |                       |
       18 - +5V             |     7/77              |

TIM articles in the Micro journal in pdf format:
– Micro 1: Terminal Interface monitor (TIM), introduction and description, with am alternative system circuit diagram.
– Micro 3: TIM meets the S100 bus.
– Micro 9: Two short TIM programs. First a program to chage the baudrate, the second is a small operating system.

TIM and OSI 400

Application note by OSI how to add a TIM to an OSI 400 board.

Breakpoint routine for 6502s

Lunar Lander for TIM