A TIM (6530-004) Superjolt simulator update, also KIM-1 Simulator

A TIM (6530-004) Superjolt Demon simulator.

Version 0.4. TIM Superjolt Simulator V0.4, Tiny Basic working!

Since the TIM Simulator and the KIM-1 Simulator share a lot of code, also the KIM-1 Simulator got an update, to let Tiny Basic work better: V1.3.8 is available.

The bundled Conversion 8 bit hex formats is now at version 2.6.

I have since yesterday a Raspberry Pi 5. Great little machine. Very grown up installation. Lazarus works fine with the usual trick of first the apt install version and then fpcupdeluxe for a newer version.

The TIM and KIM-1 Simulator work fine on the Pi 5, so a Raspberry Pi 5 is now included in the distributions.