KIM-1 Clone

A KIM-1 clone build by Bob Applegate of Corsham technologies.

Somewhat inspired by the microKIM by Vince Briel, who was inpired by Ruud Baltissen! The idea is replace the 6530’s with 6532 and by carefull memory decoding have the I/O, timer and RAM of the 6532s appear at the same locations as the 6530-002 and -003. ROM is added with an EPROM.

Not an exact copy, the ROM has been changed/enhanced with a KIM Monitor by Bob, though the original KIM-1 ROM should work also.


Digital group 6501 board

Very few systems were build with a 6501.

The Digital Group did, see here!


Talking Electronics TEC-1

Australian Z80 system, described in the magazine Talking Electronics.

I will start building a TEC-1D!

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RC2014 and 6502

About to start building RC2014 systems! Classic, Pro, 6502 based.


MCS Alpha 1 update

Found more interesting documents around the MCS Alpha 1, page updated!


MPS-65 CT-65 Thaler AG SBC’s

A new page on the SBC’s MPS-65 and CT-65.

With photo’s, information, manual and disassembly of the system ROM. Read More