KIM-1 Nachbau

On the forum I found a thread dedicated to a KIM-1 replica with a twist.
Author is Manfred Langemann (manni), this page is published with his permission.
Read here about the KIM computer which has the following features:

  • A complete 6502 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing assembler source code, including editor, assembler, debugger and EEPROM programmer, see screenshot above.
  • The hardware comes with a 6502 micro-controller, 8 KByte EEPROM, 32 KByte RAM and an I/O interface based on an Intel 8255 PPI (Programmable Peripheral Interface), offering three 8-bit ports. The audio tape interface is realised by an NE565 PLL and the RS232 serial interface is based on a MAX232 IC