EMUF and MC Die Mikrocomputer-Zeitschrift

The EMUF pages are a tribute to the work of the editing staff of the German magazine MC Die Mikrocomputer-Zeitschrift on SBC’s.

EMUF stands for Einplatinen-Mikrocomputer für Universelle Festprogrammierung.

EMUFs SBC’s are programmable systems, without a monitor program: write a program and store it in an EPROM and run the application type of system. A bit like the modern microcontrollers like the PIC and AVR IC’s and also a bit like the Arduino’s. But with the technology of the 80ties: 8 bit CPU’s like the 65XX and Z80, I/O IC and EPROM and some RAM.

The first EMUF was published in 1981 in the second edition of the magazine. Later called the EMUF6504, since the CPU is the MOS 6504, a stripped version of the 6502.

The EMUF pages are reorganized and enhanced with all articles from the MC magazine, Sonderheft 1 and 2 and the book Mit Computern steuern.

All relevant 6502/AIM/EMUF articles from MC Die Mikrocomputer-Zeitschrift are added to the MC page.