New KIM replica PAL-1, Corsham pages enhanced

PAL-1 A new KIM replica, in fact a clone of the Micro-KIM with improvements.

Corsham KIM Clone pages enhanced. At first sight the Corsham pages looked fine, But when I tried to find things I quickly got lost between Product Descriptions, TechTips, Documentation and the Corsham Github page. Old and new, curuent and obsolte, a bit of a mess.
Also most documents are in Word format and I prefer PDF format for reading on my tablet PC’s.
So the Corsham pages are now enhanced for all hardware products I have acquired.


KIM-1 clones and replica’s

The KIM-1. my first computer. Still have it, and it is still operational.

But I fear to use it for experiments and daily use, it is too valuable for me.

So I invested in KIM-1 clones and replica’s:
– Micro-KIM by Vince Briel
– KIM Clone by Bob Applegate, Corsham Technologies
– MOS KIM-1 Reproduction by Dave Williams
– KIM Uno by Oscar Vermeulen

Each has it advantages. And not all are still for sale.
Corsham is till in business and has an awful KIM Clone, with motherboard, I/O card, experimenters board and SD file system. A real enhanced KIM-1 on real KIM-1 hardware.
The KIM Uno is also available, affordable,now an emulator on an Arduino, soon on ESP32. Fun to have a KIM-1 look and feel.

All are documented on the KIM-1 replica’s and clone page.
KIM replica’s and clones


Apple 1 Replica’s

I have two Apple 1 Replica’s, the Vince Briel Replica 1 SE and the Achatz A-ONE.
Both have a 6502 and a 6821 and the original software. Video generation sid one in a affordable modern way, so not real clones.

Fun computers to work with, the first ‘personal computer’ in a very primitive format!

Pages with information on teh Apple 1 and these Replica’s


Another Junior build by Philippe Roca

Another Junior build! By philippe Roca. Faithful reproductions, including EPROM 2708 and PROM 82S33 programmers.

Photos and gerbers of some PCB. Work in progress, I hope to see more photos and Gerbers!

Build an Elektor Junior

Page on building now an Elektor Junior.
Two designs complete with PCB design (Bram Prosman), reports of a complete build ( Philippe Roehr, Philippe Roca).