DOS65 systems

I have owned three complete DOS65 systems.

DOS65 system made by  Andrew Gregory

The most advanced and in perfect working order is the system build by Andrew Gregory. Andrew was one of the first non-dutch speaking  to build  a DOS65 system, overcoming the initial language barrier. Later most documents and software were translated to English.

20160214_135505_HDR20160304_152951_HDR 20160304_153050_HDR 20160304_153004_HDR20160330_141622_HDR20160330_141638_HDR

Andrew has enhanced his system with:

  • 65C02 at 2 MHz
  • 3.5 inch 720K floppy drive as first drive
  • 5 1/4 inch DSDD floppy drive external case
  • PS/2 keyboard, with microcontroller interface
  • Solid state disk of 128K (described here!)
  • EPROM programmer with external case and EPROM identity sockets

This is the system I did all the work on to extract the information from the floppies  you find here. With the aid of a HxC2001 floppy emulator as described on this page.

The other two DOS65 systems

Herman Hek and Adri Hankel have donated to me DOS65 systems, lots of floppies and lots of other 6502 related hardware.

The DOS65 systems are more standard: two 5 1/4 inch floppy drives, 1 or 2 MHz, 6502, parallel keyboards, EPROM programmer socket on front.

20160217_114157_HDR 20160217_143502_HDR 20160217_164239_HDR 20160217_164304_HDR 20160216_151755_HDR 20160216_151821_HDR 20160216_151901_HDR 20160216_151915_HDR