KIM replica’s and clones

I have several KIM replica’s or clones.

The CPU is of course a 6502 at 1 MHz crystal clock frequency. The edge (Application and expansion) connectors are physically and logical identical. And they have the KIM-1 ROMs!

Since 6530 RRIOT ICs (the 002 and 003 variant) are not available anymore, the same solution as in the other clones is chosen: a 6532 RIOT with a 2K EEPROM and some logic ICs (3) to get a hardware solution that makes it look exactly the same for the KIM-1 ROM software. The PCB is of course new design, not the typical 70ties KIM-1 rounded lines PCB design.

The result is great: it feels, looks and operates as an original KIM-1 with hex keyboard and LED display.
First Book of LIM programs run, All KIM-1 sofwtare runs, Microsoft KIM-1 Basic and Microchess run, when additional RAM is connected.

Corsham KIM Clone

MOS KIM reproduction



PAL-1 a clone, can be expanded with motherboard, second RIOT, RAM, ROM, Cassette interface