Dave Hassler on PAL-1

A collection of programs, examples, notes, and errata on the PAL-1 6502 hobby computer by Dave Hassler
And as a KIM-1 clone just as applicable to the KIM-1, MicroKIM, Corsham Clone board and all the replica’s that appeared the last years.

Utilities and Languages

Assemblers, disassemblers, monitors, other tools; Apple BASIC, Tiny PILOT, VTL-2.
Downloads and more information at the website of Dave Hassler and his github site. I have tested some on the KIM-1 Simulator. Binaries, documents and some with sources.

  • C’MON Lite – A simple assembler, disassembler, and monitor by Aleksi Eeben.
  • MICROMON – A fuller-featured disassembler/debugger, with search, copy, fill, compare, branch offset calculator, number converters, and hex add/subtract. B Originally by Bill Seiler.
  • MELODY MAKER – Written to make it a lot easier to enter tunes into the classic “Music Box” by Jim Butterfield, the ZIP file here contains my Melody Maker music entry program, plus full documentation — including examples of program integration for KB9, Tiny BASIC, VTL-02, etc.
  • CODE TEST – From The First Book of KIM, this is Stan Ockers’s Morse code practice program from 1976. It has been modified to run on an unexpanded PAL-1
  • LIL’ BUG – This is a suite of tools I wrote, ported, or collected to be of help to unexpanded PAL-1 users. Included are the eWozLite monitor, Wozniak and Baum’s 6502 Disassembler from 1976, Lew Edwards’ MOVIT, a search module based on Jeff Tranter’s JMON routine, plus fill, memory dump, and register print routines. The complete v0.4 program package, which loads at $0B00, is here, plus documentation and some source code.
  • LOAD & SAVE for TinyBASIC — This is a small routine modeled on the load and save in KB9.
  • eWozLite – PAL-1/KIM-1 version of the original eWOZ).
  • HUEY — From 1977, a scientific calculator with RPN and somewhat programmable.
  • J.A.S.L. – a 6502 S-RECORD LOADER
  • PTP CHECKSUM CALCULATOR – A little machine language utility that calculates the ending checksum of a single record/line of a MOS Papertape file.


  • APPLE BASIC PACKAGE – The original Apple BASIC by Steve Wozniak as used on the Apple 1, the eWOZLite monitor.
  • Tiny PILOT – 1979’s MICRO magazine Nicholas Vrtis’s Tiny PILOT, with additions by Bob Applegate and Dave Hassler.
  • FOCAL-65 – The 1977 Aresco 6502 version (v3D) of the DEC high-level language FOCAL-8 for the PDP-8.
  • PAL PILOT — A modified port of Michael Tinglof’s VIC and PET PILOT Interpreter, which appeared in COMPUTE! Magazine in Dec. 1982. .
  • VTL-02 – A Very Tiny Language
  • LANGUAGE PACK for Unexpanded 5K PAL-1 – Tiny BASIC, VTL-02C, and Tiny PILOT all bundled up in a ZIP file

Docs, Eexamples, and Help

Small programs and texts that illustrate a programming technique helpful for KIM-1, PAL-1 and MicroKIM users

  • Porting CBM Basic programs to KIM-1 Basic (KB9)
  • Comparison of 7 high-level languages for 6502 machines
  • Setting up a two-dimensional array in Tiny Basic
  • For VTL-2: better ‘returns’ , peek-n-poke, ml thoughts
  • Apple Basic (A1B): using strings as data holders


A collection of games in KB9, Tiny Basic, VTL-2, PILOT, and 6502 assembly language, some even original.

The 6502 show

Dave made a number of videos worth watching:
Six Early Games (FBOK):



HUEY (HP-style calc):

11 Games:

6502 SBC high-level languages:

6502 Tiny PILOT:

C’MON & Lil’ Bug for PAL-1:
Melody Maker & Music Box: