Kowalski assembler and simulator

A 6502, 65C02, 65816 assembler and simulator. Original (with Polish help) by Michal Kowalski, 65816 extensions with English help by Daryl Rictor.

A nice tool to develop and test 65XX software.

Read here to get it, install and some startup help.


Elektor Computing 5 German

Thanks to Martin Seine I have added the German evrsion of Elektor COmputing 5, dedicated to the EC65 systen, Z80 card, 65818 etc.

And have a look at the EC65 Z80 card page also



FABGL library serial and development board

A page dedicated to the FABGL library and baords and how I use it for serial terminal emulation and CP/M emulation (Altair 8800 and CP/M 3 multitasking, IBM PC coming).


Cassette interface for Micro-KIM

or KIM Clone!

By Timothy Alicie

Demonstrates his  design for a cassette interface for the Micro-KIM single board computer from Briel Computers (a replica of the 1970’s KIM-1 SBC). The original KIM-1 has a built-in cassette interface, but the Micro-KIM replica does not, so I designed and built his own. The design uses a single PIC micro-controller, is very reliable, supports all HyperTAPE speeds, and has the ability to save and play back recorded data into the KIM-1.


G.Eisenack Programmieren von Mikrocomputern CPU 6502 Skriptum

New book added tot the KIM-1 Books resources: (thanks netzherpes)

G.Eisenack Programmieren von Mikrocomputern CPU 6502 Skriptum

Memory Plus manual and photo

Thanks to Dirk Dral, an old friend from the days of the Kim Kenner Club, with articles in KIM Kenner 13 and 16 (traffic control, cassette Interface) I have published a quality photo of his Memory Plus and a quality scan of the manual.

He also sent me photosof his KIM-1 and the Radio Bulletin RAM and EPROM cards.


Z80 Elektor articles

A new Elektor page in the Z80 department: Z80 CP/M with ROM (thanks Martin Seine!)cards for the Elektor EC65 bus, mini card, universal card.

PAL-1 extensions

Motherboard 6 slot, 32K RAM , second 6532 board, now on Tindie for the PAL-1 (and Micro-KIM)


NOP testers

I built two NOP testers, simple standalone devices to do a simple sanity check test if this CPU is at least doing something that can be expected. Not a thorough test of speed, instructions, all address lines or datalines or control lines. 


CM630P 6502 clone

CM603P, a 6502 by MICRO ELEKTRONIKA BULGARIA. Used in Apple II clones like Pravetz-82 and IMKO-1 and Oric Atmos clone Pravetz-8D. Not an official 6502 licensed CPU. Pinc compatible, can be used in 6502 systems without issues.

Added to my 65XX IC collection.