Large update on Pascal

A large update to my history of Pascal and its standards, where it comes from, the early compilers, sources of first compilers, unique articles and rare books, originally scanned, written by Niklaus Wirth, Per Brinch Hansen, Tony Hoare, Dijkstra, Jim Welsh and many more. Come and see it at the school of Wirth.


KIM-1 Userguide

Added the ‘user guide’ chapters from the book ‘Microcomputer Principles Featuring the 6502/KIM-1′ as KIM-1 User guide.


MDT 650

The KIM-1 is the best known development system by MOS Technology.

But a more advanced, more expensive ($3950) system, quite rare now, is the MDT 650.

Here I present you the MOS Technology brochure, an article in the Microcomputer Digest and a userguide as published in the book Microcomputer Systems Principles featuring the 6502 KIM.


Microcomputer Experimenting with KIM-1

Another book scanned:

Microcomputer Experimenting with the MOS Technology KIM-1 by Lance Leventhal.


KIM-1 Book scanned

Motivated by Jeffrey Brace of VCF I have scanned and published Microcomputer Systems Principles featuring the 6502 KIM, Authors Camp, Smay and Triska

Introduction to KIM-1 programming, 6502, and also 6800 and 8080.

Microcomputer Systems Principles featuring the 6502 KIM, Camp, Smay and Triska